1980 born to be free


2002-2004 apprenticeship at Tifferet Lighting Tel Aviv

2001-2004 mentoring of an Israeli artist York Dobrovsky



2012 group exhibition, CCA | Portballintrae

2014 group exhibition, CCA | Portballintrae

2016 group exhibition, BlueBellArtProject | Derry

2017 group exhibition, BlueBellArtProject | Derry

2018 group exhibition, BlueBellArtProject | Derry

2019 solo exhibition ‘Just hear the Rain’ EAPGallery | Coleraine

2019 3 artworks chosen for inclusion in the OU/SAGE co published           textbook, 'Understanding mental health and counselling' (view       )

2005 – 2021 numerous other exposures and private commissions

2021 solo exhibition ‘Karma’ at EAPGallery | Coleraine

2021 'Before We Thought We Know' an installation at EAP|Gallery | Coleraine

2022 solo exhibition 'All One' at The Arcadia Art Gallery | Portrush

The essence of life and death lies in the breath, and the breath is all I know when creating art being a transmission from the heart of the planet, employing aspects of psychology, non dual spirituality, tribalism with its true deep ecology as well as folklore - the art that instead of perfection seeks to directly connect with the primordial awareness within the viewer. I often allude; be it in painting, lighting, sculpture, photography, poetry or an installation, to the end product of humanity and of Nature. I draw viewer’s attention to this continuous dialog between the end and the beginning (a symphony of Oneness performed beyond our limited senses) as I focus on the change; always now, always present, always different - the only constant in all This. What ends up being on the canvas (or any other form) is a reflection of the archetypal mirror that leads me in this entrancing flight in a vehicle that is breathing. The impact is inevitable when the art comes straight from the soul.

ABOUT EAP (ecologyartproject)

The EAP is a privately owned art gallery/studio run by Lu and Alexandra with public exhibitions and installations. At the EAPGallery Lu presents a thought provoking and a heart awakening art, including paintings, sculpture, lighting, avant-garde home decor, objects, photography, poetry and more. The project's aim is also to raise awarness of the dangers faced by the indigenous communities and the importance of preserving and passing on their legacy of deep wisdom, true ecology and spirituality.

Commissions welcome.

15 Queen Street | Coleraine | BT52 1BE