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All One
solo exhibition 2022 | Arcadia Art Gallery
The World is a Stage
oil on canvas  186x135cm
The world is a stage creates a connection between the antiquity and the archaic revival taking place in today's world, Western in particular, uncovering something that has simply been forgotten - the true essence of reality and our place in it. Breaking through the illusory facade, it points to the core of cognition, with a trident in the centre symbolising the unity of the past, of the present and of the future, and to the freedom in the living from now to now, every moment anew. The mask in the centre has a turquoise colour, for a reason - it is this level of conscioussness as an integral vision, towards which the world ought to be striving now, in order to get out of apparent 'ideological tribalisation' happening all around us. What is needed is the tangible vision in each one of us recognising the Oneness in all maniefested form. The mask is just a mask, the question is, what is behind it?
The World was Invetnted to Complicate Being
oil acrylics enamel chalk and pen on board
71x10cm unframed
This piece was inspired by one of artist's poems exploring the meaning, the actual essence of reality in which we are entngled, which ends with a phrase '[...] just remember that the world was invented to complicate being'. In this painting one can see a dynamic story with people and houses and a figure with wings and a large bird, and finally a castle with a heart in it and two other figures to the right; one illuminated by a tree representing unparalelled magnificence of Nature; this has to be a poet. Poets are known to be seeing beyond the hustle and bustle of meachanistic reality in which the world appears to be lost, for now.