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1980 born to be free


2001-2003 apprenticeship at Tifferet Lighting Tel Aviv

2001-2003 mentoring of Israeli artist/designer Jurek Dombrovsky



2012 group exhibition, CCA | Portballintrae

2014 group exhibition, CCA | Portballintrae

2016 group exhibition, BlueBellArtProject | Derry

2017 group exhibition, BlueBellArtProject | Derry

2018 group exhibition, BlueBellArtProject | Derry

2019 solo exhibition ‘Just hear the Rain’ at EAPGallery | Coleraine

2019 artworks included in 'Understanding mental health and counselling', SAGE/OU

2005 – 2021 numerous other exposures and private commissions

2021 solo exhibition ‘Karma’ at EAPGallery | Coleraine

2021 'Before We Thought We Know' an installation at EAPGallery | Coleraine

2022 solo exhibition 'All One' at The Arcadia Art Gallery | Portrush


‘Everything inspires, even that which we don’t understand, from beyond time and space’


In his works, Lu explores non-dualism that takes us beyond attachment to the often frightening and broken human condition. He seeks to bypass the conditioned, divisive content of the mind, directly connecting with the primordial awareness within the viewer. The primary goal of  Lu's art is to bring the viewer back to the source, to the heart of being. His work proposes new perspectives.


Lukasz Szweda artist
Sagittarius rising
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