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Heavy with human suffering,

weeping is the yoga of conscience.

The moon is not heard, but confesses - absolves

anyone who feels pain without a name.

Because where the light itself dreams,

you are your own religion.


Castlerock 2023


And nothing changes.

The world doesn’t stop despite half the people,

I’m in both, where everything is sound:

the stars giggle,

the earth breathes,

and where you don’t even have anything in mind.

But what could a fraction of a second want from infinity?


Castlerock 2018

Thanking silence for silence with silence

I stopped thinking,

like this clock not wound for three days,

about the past carried like a wet beam from the beach.

For everyone has in them

a friend and an enemy,

and only dreams separate them,

that is, the content worn to the end like old pants.

And though we don't despise only air anymore

if I were to express gratitude,

it would have to be rain - I guess - a flood, a downpour of stars.

So much love that only a rabbit’s heart can keep up.


Castlerock 2017

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