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And nothing changes – there is no time yet.

The world doesn’t stop despite half the people,

I’m in both. Where everything is clear:

the stars seem to giggle,

the earth breathes weather,

and where you don’t even want to have anything in mind.

But what can a fraction of a second want?

from infinity.


Castlerock 2018


Nobody knows what's going on

so we pump – we blow

or fix ourselves with God's orgasm,

strangling in the lever of belief.

And simple what does't require faith

and does not force questions:

breath and the sound of the ocean

and dogs and cats, etc.

– vitamins for the soul.


Castlerock 2018

Thanking silence for silence with silence

I stopped thinking,

like a clock not wound for three days,

about a heart carried like a wet beam from the beach.

For everyone has in them

a friend and an enemy,

and only dreams separate them,

that is, the content worn to the end like old pants.

And though we don't despise only air anymore

if I were to express gratitude,

it would have to be rain, a flood, a downpour of stars.

So much love that only a rabbit’s heart can keep up.


Castlerock 2017

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