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EAP (ecologyartproject) is a private art gallery run by Lu and Alexandra with public exhibitions and installations. EAP presents works created by Lu that embody the transience of form and the enduring nature of life in art and design. The project also aims to raise awareness of the dangers faced by indigenous communities and the importance of preserving and transmitting their heritage of deep wisdom, true ecology and spirituality.

15 Queen Street | Coleraine | BT52 1BE

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preview night | solo exhibition 2022 | Arcadia Art Gallery
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                             against the background of silence


                             everything hangs

                             pedantically polished loves

                             gadgets from hand to hand

                             constantly searching forever

                             thoughts gathered away from uncertainty

                             all matters finally sorted

                             in a diary with a shitty padlock in case you go nuts

                             theories stemming from the fear of innate ignorance

                             statues waiting to be knocked down




                             though your own not even a rusted nail in the body



                            Castlerock 2017

the opening exhibition | Karma | October 2021



As we dream like this and the stars still hang on windows

at the bottom of silence the world turns

to the beginning of beginnings - the elder said

to the rebirth of Venus - just like that

to finding home for anybody lost

to finding light for anybody craving

to finding peace for anybody broken

to this life which began from the end

like a drop from the gutter

and a destiny that fits in the frame


this is it! a cat may tell you more than a Plato

again and again until there is silence



Castlerock 2020

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produced by M. Abdon


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the opening exhibition 'Just hear the rain' November 2019

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fot. Melvin Abdon

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