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I do wonder

why have we all come

to disregard this intimate fabric

woven like a dazzling web

holding together our bodies and souls.

Is it out of curiosity

or out of wisdom quietly laid in the shadow of ignorance,

as if burying treasures in the shallowness of dunes.

For the wisdom always walks

like a stray wolf banished by the pack in a conquest for survival.

Thus we have arrived in the fallen empire, rebuilding a throne with playing cards.

Will we ever grasp - I wonder - the essence of this web

which we use for stuffing cracks in the walls of our hallowed skulls

for the sheer sake of imaginary greed.

It is that serene glide over the grass

dressed in the glow of a starry web that makes me wonder,

what is it that we are trying to conquer, besides the imminent avalanche.

So barefoot I stand within this breath

listening to the mass of snow.


Portballintrae 2009

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